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Areas of Practice



If you have burdensome credit card or medical bill debt, creditors are harassing you, or you're in danger of losing your home or your vehicle, you may wish to consider a Bankruptcy.

The Law Office of Antoine G. Marshall specializes in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies to help you eliminate your debt or restructure your payments to protect vital assets.


In the complex relationships between landlords and tenants there may arise issues regarding the lease There may be disputes over the responsibility for repairs, payment of rent, residential leases, and evictions.

The Law Office of Antoine G. Marshall works with either landlords or tenants in navigating the landlord/tenant relationships.

Estate Planning

A well crafted estate plan ensures that the transition limits stress and drama for your loved ones and ensures that your assets are left to the individuals and causes most important to you.

The Law Office of Antoine G. Marshall can create the Power of Attorneys, Wills, Living Wills necessary to protect you and your assets.